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Milestone: Three Months
Jennifer Tatroe

You turn around to put the socks (pairs matched, tops rolled) in the drawer. The baby on the bed has yet to roll over. You worry over small things. He learns.

A thump.

Your breath stops. From somewhere outside, you see yourself run.

A cry, thank God.

You breathe again.

Jennifer Tatroe lives in northern Colorado with her husband and six- year-old son. She can neither confirm nor deny any infant bed- tumbling incidents.

Spring Flowers
Carey Sargent

     We were eating a meal few locals could afford when the old man approached with his violet bouquets. They quietly bettered the hawkers' red roses.
     We could have bought every last one, freeing the man to go to his wife.
     But we shooed him away and finished our dinner instead.

Carey Sargent

      He stood at the front of the church talking about the discrimination he'd suffered in the community he called home.
      Men and women in the audience murmured in sympathy as he spoke and clapped heartily when he was done.
      They smiled as they left, but avoided shaking his outstretched hand.

Carey Sargent lives outside of Lausanne, Switzerland, where she works as a journalist. A generous helping of motherhood leave (and a very well-behaved baby) gave her the time she needed to start writing fiction. She hopes a return to reporting duties and her son's impending toddlerdom won't mean she has to stop.