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Robin Stratton

Fifty years ago
published his book On the Road
one long hand-typed scroll.

Traveled cross country
scored chicks with Neal Cassidy
hipster beat poet

Started a movement
irreverent attitude
Catholic Buddhism

Defiant and bold
He died a fat, sloppy drunk
Republican, too

Robin Stratton lives in Boston and teaches creative writing classes using the techniques in her book, The Revision Process. Her work has appeared in Antithesis Common, Poor Mojo's Almanac, 63 Channels, and Chic Flicks Magazine.

Barbara Meikle

It's a perfect day
warm, sunny, almost balmy
not like October!

Shorts and halter top
find chaise to lie in sunshine
oh no, too cool. Sigh!

Barbara Meikle is a part-time editor, writer, and octanagerian. She lives north of Boston with her husband of 52 years and their pet golden retriever.