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Unknown Coordinates
Ash Hibbert

      A flash of blinding light from the device, and the universe is tumbling chaotically. "Mayday!" someone screams, but unanswered. Then the blurring heavens become static. "Shuttle Orion to Control, please respond!" Again, no answer, and silence settles. Something's extremely wrong - the stars are different, strange, unfamiliar ... Wait. That's not Earth!

Ash Hibbert has finished a novella for a Master of Creative Arts, has completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Creative Writing, and an undergraduate degree in Professional Writing with honors. He has been published in the English-Arabic journal Kalimat, the University of Melbourne journal Strange2Shapes, and can be found at Acoldandlonelystreet.blogspot.com.

Safe Harbor
Doug Mathewson

     In Under Milk Wood Old Captain Cat in his delirium calls out, "Let me shipwreck in your thighs". For me, at age fifteen, it carried such a sensual weight and power. As a grown man it struck me as both selfish and arrogant. These days I find it speaks of redemption and a loving forgiveness.

Doug Mathewson lives on the Connecticut shoreline. He writes very short fiction that occasionally changes of its own volition into poetry or essay forms. He has been published here and there online, most recently at The Boston Literary Magazine, Doorknobs & Body Paint, and Six Sentences. His current project, True Stories from Imaginary Lives, can be found at www.little2say.org.

Texas Chili
Robert Aquino Dollesin

     This morning my wife got word her first husband died. She celebrated, whipping up a serious batch of Texas chili. Real sirloin and no red beans. Fantastic. But while cooking she used so much onion and chili powder and cayenne pepper she needed a box of tissue right beside her.

Robert Aquino Dollesin was still a kid when he left the Philippines. He now resides in Sacramento, where he manages to pen out short work now and again. Among other venues, his work can be found in or forthcoming in Storyglossia, Wigleaf, Elimae, Ken*Again, and Dogzplot.

Elizabeth L. Collins

     Home alone, almost asleep she freezes at the sound. Wide awake now, eyes straining in the dark, holding her breath, she listens. The faint rustling grows closer, an alarming noise: intruder! She reaches for her pistol. Heart pounding, hands shaking, she rounds the corner, aims and nearly shoots the cockroach.

Although Elizabeth L. Collins has been included as author on several scientific papers, she has only recently begun to publish her fictional writing. Her poem "Mother's Face" can be viewed at MomWritersLitMag and "Just Words" at Wordslaw. While a member of an on-line writing group, she placed in several contests.