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Jim Stratton

Geese who are married
tend to have grayer feathers
the ganders prance more

Jim Stratton is an engineer and a technical writer/editor who lives in Chelmsford, MA with his wife Roberta.

Elizabeth L. Collins
Dewdrop slowly drips,
Lengthens, slips into a pool—
No longer alone.

Although Elizabeth L. Collins has been included as author on several scientific papers, she has only recently begun to publish her fictional writing. Her poem "Mother's Face" can be viewed at MomWritersLitMag and "Just Words" at Wordslaw. While a member of an on-line writing group, she placed in several contests.

Sarah Williams
Night lights scintillate;
painting with euphoria
dark masterpieces.

There is no escape
when the facade is at work;
artful submission.

Morning comes with haze;
mind-fog muddies temptation
until the sun dies.

Sarah Williams is a graduate of the California State University of Fresno with a BA in English and a minor concentration of creative writing with an emphasis on poetry.