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Boston Literary Magazine, Fall 2010
List of Contributors

    I'm Sorry I Didn't Understand Your Poem & You and Me - Doug Mathewson
    Break Up & Metaphysical Dentistry - Karen Douglass
    A Wife's Revenge - Chris Hugh
    Double Checking - Gro Flatebo
    Trouble with Commitment - Carrie Kei Heim Binas
    Tehachapi Depot - Tony Press
    The Sleepover - Amanda Gayle Oliver
    Soft Pedal - Sarah Allen
    Going to Colorado to Get an Organ - J. Clayton L. Jones
    I Wanted to Tell You That - AJ Smith
    Claudine - Tina Barry
    Finis - Rose Kowaliw
    Table of Our Discontent - Sharla Anderson
    Definition of a Dramatist & Bottle of Red Wine - Robert Laughlin
    Good Cop, Bad Cop - Thomas O'Connell
    Thursdays They Serve Blintzes - Don Hucks
    Lunch with Nathan - Luca Penne
    Fork & Never Enough - Oleh Lysiak
    My Favorite Ways to be Rejected - Renee Podunovich
    Car Crash - David Snyder
    Yearning - Brandon Blackburn
    The Gypsy Cider Mill - Barbara Stratton
    Elopement, 1974 - Elizabeth Dickhut
    Molecular Therapy - Bobby Steve Baker
    What Now, Dandelion? - Felicia A. Rivers
    Juliana - Michael Frissore
    Steam & Co-Habitation - Rosemary Sprouls
    Margaret, Reading - Ernestine Lahey
    A Van for Bennie - Dave Davis
    Cuts - Jennifer Baker-Henry
    Living the "Art" Life - Christopher Reilley
    He's Always Smiling & Hunkering Down - Laura Rodley
    The Dance - Stacey Dye
    Cairn Wonder - Maureen Kingston
    Who I Am in a Traffic Jam - Amye Barrese Archer
    Context - Elizabeth Cleary
    Waiting Room & New Girl - Brian Fanelli
    Tryst, Without Reflection & What She Left Behind - Noel Sloboda
    City Tree - Laura Gail Grohe
    Dear Thief - Adam Hughes
    Singularity - Tom Mahony

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