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Brooks Rexroat

     My neighbor only vacuums her apartment when she’s about to get laid. I hear that machine buzz through paper thin walls and know it’ll be an evening of moans, clicking bed slats, a touch of arguing afterward. She’s vacuuming right now, while I stare at my own dust-laden floor.

Brooks Rexroat lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he teaches at Xavier University. His work has appeared in such publications as Weave Magazine, The Cleveland Review, The Montreal Review, and The Literary Bohemian. Visit him online at www.brooksrexroat.com.

     I was taught to share and to prove the point will share this personal story. My family is a family of sharers, they always have been—cars, clothes, books and the like; but I didn't offer to share my husband with my sister no matter what she says.
     Nuh uh.

Paul Beckman is a frequently published author of short stories, flash & micro fiction. He's had two print collections published as well as a novella, several stories adapted as plays, been in several anthologies and his work has been published in England, Australia, Germany, Canada and New Zealand. He's been a 7 time nominee for a Pushcart Prize. He earned his MFA from Bennington College. Some publishing credits: Exquisite Corpse, Connecticut Review, Soundzine, 5 Trope, Playboy, Web del Sol, Long Story Short, The Scruffy Dog Review, Other Voices, the Raleigh Review, Connotation Press, Microliterature and The Molotov Cocktail. Stories upcoming in One, Abe's Penny, Frostwriting and others. Web site: www.paulbeckmanstories.com.

Mating Call
Tony Press

     So anyway, the place was rocking and I’m telling you, you shoulda been there. Yeah, but admit it, Dude, you missed out. But look, if I decide to get married someone’s got to witness the notary thing, so can I call you tomorrow around this time if I need you?

Tony Press lives near the Pacific. His fiction appears in: Boston Literary Magazine; JMWW; Rio Grande Review; BorderSenses; SFWP Journal; Toasted Cheese; Qarrtsiluni; Foundling Review; Menda City Review; The Postcard Press; Ranfurly Review; Temenos; Thema; MacGuffin; Linnet’s Wings; Shine Journal; 5x5; Lichen; and the anthology: "Crab Lines Off The Pier."

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