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The Lake House
Rose Kowaliw

Softly falling rain
Water lapping tethered boats
Soothing melodies

Rose Kowaliw

Silence speaks volumes
His answer to my question
So I walked away

Rose Kowaliw

Like an open wound
Sunsets draw the birds of prey
Night rides on black wings

Rose Kowaliw enjoys creating original computer art as well as painting in oils, both of which have been shown in galleries in NY and New England. Her Haiku and poetry have been published in a wide variety of literary publications. She lives in pristine New Hampshire with her family and spends summers at the ocean walking the beach at dawn searching for sea glass. "I am drawn to the sparse beauty of a Haiku like the tides are drawn to the moon."

John Lander

towered metal knife
stabs blue tenderloin sliced thin—
clouds served on the side

John Lander

a riot of light
a bouquet of dancing dark—
logs crackle applause

John Lander

manís modern dwelling
left to its own devices
converses within

John Lander likes to read and write out of his hammock, where he has become very popular in the Austin, TX mosquito scene. Some of this other work can be found in Thieves Jargon, Every Day Poets, and MicroHorror, though he hopes you continue reading the rest of this publication before commencing a search.

T M Man

yielding right of way
a passing glimpse of beauty
mirror holds her smile

T M Man was born in Boston, MA.; he lives close by working a blue collar job by day and writing by night.

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