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Boston Literary Magazine, Fall 2012
List of Contributors

Table of Contents

    Quick Fiction

    Rags and Gasoline - Matthew Dexter
    On the Run - Ray Greenblatt
    Guess Again - Gary Clifton
    Breakfast on 84th Street - Kurt Klein
    Emma's Come Home - Kurt Klein
    Autumn Lake - Jon Bishop
    Monet's Kangaroo - Doug Mathewson
    Backhanded - J. Spinazzola
    A Dream about My Wife - Rupan Malakin
    The Poor Bastard - Bob Zappacosta
    Singing Like Dylan Standing on an Egg Crate - Bob Zappacosta
    Vision of Loveliness - TM Man
    Swing - Chris Connolly

    The Drabble

    Signora Giuseppina - Lois Elaine Heckman
    The Dark and Familiar - Mercedes Lawry

    The Dribble

    A Long Sentence - Michael Keith
    The Snake-A Zen Story - Aditya Bahl
    Buns in Hand - Alisha Kaplan


    Best Beer - Tim Gurnig
    Harvard Sq Theater - Doug Holder
    Mrs Plant - Doug Holder
    A Girl Takes a Picture of Her Feet - Elizabeth G Howard
    Still Life - Richard Schnap
    Extraction - Lisa Badner
    Subway Seat - Lisa Badner
    Man on a Catwalk - Rod Peckman
    Who Prepares the Steps of Man? - Immanuel Suttner
    Alchemy - Immanuel Suttner
    If You Could Just Give Me a Moment - Immanuel Suttner
    Puzzle of a Downlfall Child - Howie Good
    Clouseau "Clue" Curtis - Mary Pacifico Curtis
    Pink Crocs - Oleh Lysiak
    Willie Nelson's Daddy - Oleh Lysiak
    Losing Track of Time - Danny Earl Simmons
    Acrostic: Pumpkin Pie - Danny Earl Simmons
    Medical Update - Doug Mathewson
    New Posting - Doug Mathewson
    Mr Dobson - Brian Fanelli
    After Working Hours - Brian Fanelli
    The Orange Line - Robert Goodman
    Autumn Equinox and the Harvest Moon - Anne Champion
    Eagle - Laura Rodley
    American Made - Laura Kathryn McRae
    Last Days - Laura Kathryn McRae
    What are we waiting for - Dale Wisely
    Needed Rain - Jason Fisk
    Fall - TM Man
    Story of a Dress - Anne Whitehouse
    Rock Harbor Chowder - Bob Zappacosta


    Autumn Harvest - Craig W. Steele
    Autumn's Revival - Craig W. Steele
    Chilly Autumn Night - Craig W Steele
    Moribund - Lois Elaine Heckman
    Ceiling Sprites - TM Man
    Lost - Kate Swinson
    Nirvana - Rose Kowaliw
    Etta - Rose Kowaliw
    Strong Coffee, No Tea - Rose Kowaliw
    Monarch - Rose Kowaliw
    Endings - Rose Kowaliw
    Earth - Rose Kowaliw

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