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A Long Sentence
Michael C. Keith

I used to believe that nobody knew when he or she would die, and now I realize many do, because if you have a terminal disease or are planning suicide, you have a pretty good idea when you're going to shed your mortal coil to begin your long sentence . . . period.

Michael C. Keith teaches at Boston College and is the author of an acclaimed memoir, three story collections, and two-dozen non-fiction books.

The Zen monk asked a farmer plowing his fields—
Why does the snake meander on a straight road?
The farmer thought awhile and then in that sudden rush of momentary enlightenment he picked up his
stick and hit the monk on his head.. hard and kept hitting till he died.

Aditya Bahl grew up in the beautiful mountain state of Himachal Pradesh (India). His work has been rejected by a number of magazines and journals.

Buns in Hand
Alisha Kaplan

     The burgers are almost ready but the plates are downstairs. Up on the roof we’ve grown barbaric, speaking of the urge to jump, the delight of sucking on bone marrow, song waves tattooed around our arms, the smell of cooked meat mixed with jalapeńos. Impatiently we wait, buns in hand.

Alisha Kaplan’s writing has appeared in Lilith Magazine, The Mansfield Revue, HOOT Review, and Umbrella Factory Magazine. She is a recipient of the Lenore Marshall 2011 Barnard Poetry Prize, was shortlisted for the W.B. Yeats Society of New York 2012 Poetry Competition, and was a finalist for Glimmer Train’s 2012 Short Story Award for New Writers. Originally from Toronto, she currently lives in Brooklyn.

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