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Boston Literary Magazine, Fall 2013
List of Contributors

Table of Contents

    Quick Fiction

      A Fan of the Poet - Richard Holinger
      The Queen - Virginia Nosky
      Friday Commute - Jay Duret
      Where Once We Watched - Andrea Fischer
      The Failing Heart - Lee Reilly
      Forgiveness - Lee Reilly
      The Smell of Time - Chad Hanson
      That Much I Can Say - Jeffrey Zable
      Remnants - Greta Igl
      Every Pretty Girl - Carlos Fonts
      On 82 - Sheena Sauls
      Rope Burn - Doug Mathewson
      Unravel - Doug Mathewson
      Telegram - C.G. Thompson
      Peoria - C.G. Thompson
      Moonglow - Charles Coe
      Utopia - Deborah Rocheleau
      One Night Bandstand - Kurt K. Klein

    The Drabble

      A Time to Refrain from Embracing - Susan Rukeyser
      The Last of the Sperm - Robyn Ryle
      The Baker's Husband - Amanda Nicole Corbin
      What Hurts the Most - Amanda Nicole Corbin

    The Dribble

      Teacher's Pet - Chase Burke
      It was a Dull Pain… Like a Knitting Needle to the Heart - Bob Zappacosta


      Of Levi's and Lightbulbs - Angi Waggoner
      My Father Leaves a Voicemail - Karen Loeb
      Retire - Joan Colby
      “That, Sir, is an Epic Beard” - Jon Barrows
      Fine Print - Jon Barrows
      Triumphant Conquest - Jane Attanucci
      My Catholic Friend - Ziggy Edwards
      The Youngest - Ziggy Edwards
      The Poetry Reader - Danny Earl Simmons
      Hypomanic in Manchester - Michael Holme
      Longing to Rise - Lois Elaine Heckman
      Lessons from a Recent Business Trip to Hyderabad, India - Mike Ambrose
      Horse Fly - Brad Rose
      Almost Perfect - Richard Schnap
      Okra - Eric Otto
      Men of His Generation - Bill Glose
      Nursing Home Near Midnight - Bob Brussack
      Nine Lines - Andrea Fischer
      Minimally Invasive - Oleh Lysiak
      Lawns and Mowers - Oleh Lysiak
      Night Ride - Steve Klepetar


      Puff the Magic... - Denny E. Marshall
      Silent Signals - Denny E. Marshall
      Not Clear - Denny E. Marshall
      October - Rose Kowaliw
      Window to Midnight - Rose Kowaliw
      Believe - Rose Kowaliw
      Loons - Rose Kowaliw
      Apple Festival - Craig W. Steele
      Hawk Winds - Craig W. Steele
      Molting Season - Craig W. Steel

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