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Boston Literary Magazine, Fall 2014
List of Contributors

Table of Contents


      Kinzua Bridge State Park, 2003 - Michael Albright
      Mixing the Soundtrack - Carol Hamilton
      Blind Ambition - Richard Schnap
      Have a Heart - Ashley Hutson
      Sometimes - Ed Severson
      Tomboy - Ed Severson
      Moving with Dad - Lynn Marie Houston
      When I Try to Reach You - Diana Cole
      Sudden Loss - Rick Blum
      The Living Room - Carla Kaufman
      Betrayals - Jennifer L. Freed
      Philosophy 183a: Existence - Jennifer L. Freed
      929 Brookridge - Marne Grinolds Wilson
      Roller Skates - Barbara Brooks
      Hopscotch - Barbara Brooks
      The Goodbye Hug - Danny Earl Simmons
      Crying for Three Straight Hours - Danny Earl Simmons
      Search Party - Trina Gaynon
      Apologia for the many dog poems - Trina Gaynon
      Autumn's Connotation - Joan Mazza
      The Fort - Carol Alexander
      Condolence - Peggy Trojan
      Bound - Tom Lyons

    Quick Fiction

      Plumbed - Michael C. Keith
      Alden, a trophy salesman - Robert Laughlin
      Cheating - Lesley Mace
      Buried - Amanda Heraux
      A Candle Flickers - Michael E. Crawley
      Gone - Jayne Martin
      Family Time - Jayne Martin
      Centepedes (New York City 1999) - Uzodinma Okehi

    The Drabble

      What's in a Name? - Paul Beckman
      Virago - Heather Bourbeau
      The Color of Emergency - A.M. Gwynn

    The Dribble

      My Rabbi Asked Me What I Wanted Out Of Life - Paul Beckman
      The Rope - Keava McMillan
      The Birthday Party - Keava McMillan
      Accidental Art - Charles Coe
      Too Much in Common - Jenna Klein
      A Bit Stiff - Anita Roberts Soupir
      Blame it on the Blonde - Anita Roberts Soupir


      rites of passage - Jane Blanchard
      Puppy - Daryl Nielsen
      Wings - Daryl Nielsen
      When Leaves Fall - Krystyna Fedosejevs
      Harvest Ritual - Krystyna Fedosejevs
      First Flake - Krystyna Fedosejevs
      Oak Creek - Arthur Abdiel Morales
      Canyon - Arthur Abdiel Morales
      Fall - Patricia Rossi
      Brushstrokes - Patricia Rossi
      Autumn Harbinger - Patricia Rossi
      2:00 AM - Rose Kowaliw
      Miami Honeymoon - Rose Kowaliw
      Apple Orchard - Rose Kowaliw

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