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Boston Literary Magazine Fall 2015
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Table of Contents


    Concrete Jungle - John L. Stanizzi
    Slave Driver - John L. Stanizzi
    The Bars Have Had Too Much of You - Arthur Maurer
    Old Man - Richard Schnap
    Soulmates - Richard Schnap
    Neighbor - Richard Schnap
    Jackie - Ed Severson
    At the Rec Center - Steve Klepetar
    Lost in the Zoo - Steve Klepetar
    Trust Me - Steve Klepetar
    Trying to Be a Little Better - Tim Suermondt
    The Perfect Day Arrives - Tim Suermondt
    Perfect Lips - Keith Tornheim
    There Never Will Truly Be Closure - Keith Tornheim
    After Fifty Years Together - Rob Jackson
    Ghost - Dennis Herrell
    Lookin' - Dennis Herrell
    Kittenishness - Larry D. Thomas
    Lady Godiva - Vincent S. Green
    A Year Beyond the Accident - John Grey
    Normalizing Relations - Danny Earl Simmons
    Focal Point - Laura Rodley
    Walking the Tangle - Laura Rodley
    Timeless - Doug Mathewson
    Super Power - Doug Mathewson
    Husbands Lost in Florida - Michael Maul
    The Solitude of Noise - Michael C. Keith
    Memories - Barbara Brooks
    Adolescent Affection - Jack M. Freedman
    Linda - Daniel Nelson
    Cousin Timothy - Patricia Rossi
    Saigon Grapes - Jimmy Pappas

Quick Fiction

    Demigods Pray for Rain - April Bradley
    The Luteal Phase - Elizabeth Wolfcale
    The Realist - Claire Polders
    That Deep Post-Coital Sleep - Michael C. Keith
    Post No Bills - Len Kuntz
    School Conference - Len Kuntz
    July 21, 1965 - Jeff Burt
    Turning Silk into a Sow’s Purse - Jeff Burt
    If Only - Anthony DeGregorio
    Private Space - Anthony DeGregorio
    Last Day at the Office - John G.F. Bonnanzio
    Daily Blessings - Renuka Raghavan
    A Wild Night - Renuka Raghavan
    Almost - Kimberly Misra
    Alone at the End of the World - Tommy Dean

The Drabble

    Arthur's Defense - Paul Beckman
    Air Harp Would Be Better - Robert Scotellaro
    The new wife - Lucie Britch

The Dribble

    No Filter - Paul Beckman
    Fishing - Paul Germano
    Active Service - John Osborn
    There is a Man Who Walks - John Osborn


    Darling Thistle - John Grabski
    Closure - Krystyna Fedosejevs
    Early Autumn - Krystyna Fedosejevs
    In the Air - Krystyna Fedosejevs
    Cool Moon - John Hawkhead
    The Wind and the Rain - John Hawkhead
    Hot Flush - John Hawkhead
    Advice - Lance Nizami
    Delayed - Lance Nizami
    Reunion - Patricia Pella
    Introduction - Patricia Pella
    New Season - Craig W. Steele
    Autumn Festival - Craig W. Steele
    What Happens When Metaphors Lose Control to Latin Rhythms - Terry Allen
    Delta Note 1 - John Zheng
    Delta Note 2 - John Zheng
    Delta Note 3 - John Zheng

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