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Technology Haiku
Jim Stratton

I hate this dang computer
Back to abacus

Jim Stratton is an engineer and a technical writer/editor who lives in Chelmsford, MA with his wife Roberta.

Missed Anniversary
Noel Sloboda

Flowers brought too late
Left behind with my clothing
In the hallway rot.

Noel Sloboda

Shiny red balloons
Tied to a park bench after
The York Fair closed

Dance on cool breezes
In the space left by summer
Shadows keeping time.

Noel Sloboda is originally from Massachusetts. After completing his Ph.D. in Missouri, he moved to Pennsylvania. His poetry has appeared in a variety of places, including Ghoti, Waterways, FRiGG, and Tipton Poetry Journal. He currently teaches at Penn State York.

Erik's Haiku
Erik Waldrop

Your fears are telling
No need to hold them at bay
They're here to serve you

Cowards by nature
Slay them with your every thought
It's your job alone

Erik Waldrop, who currently resides in Washington State, is a father, artist, writer, and marketer. His passions vary from spiritual metaphysics to baseball but his first love will always be championing the creative side in himself and others. He has a bizarre predilection for peanut butter and pickle sandwiches but refuses to discuss it.

Erik J. Waldrop 1966 - 2006

For Erik
Kenneth MacLean

Fireflies light
In the air's summer sweetness
Now bright, now dim

Life grows and changes
And escapes from its earthly prison
To the Light

Kenneth MacLean has written six books and dozens of essays. His website is www.kjmaclean.com/