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Josh K. Stevens

The station was quiet until Crazy Walter banged through the door. Walter was a regular, but when he pulled the battered body into the lobby, I knew this was different. "I was murdered," he proclaimed, releasing the guy's collar and extending a finger, "this is the man who killed me."

Josh K. Stevens is a midwest native who lives, breathes, works, and writes on the historic square in Woodstock, IL. His works have been published in RAGAD, Automiguel, DecomP, and The Woodstock Independent. He is currently working on editing his premiere novel, Mint Green Interlude on Gray, and is working on a short film he wrote and is starring in, Happy Together, both of which he hopes to have out in 2007.

A Writer's Bane
Mary June Brown

Rejections poured down on the would-be author. "Thanks, but no thanks," and "You can write! But, sorry--not for us." Time to go into the publishing business, he thought. He approached the bank with his idea. "Thanks, but no thanks," they said. "You can dream! But sorry-not on us."

Mary June Brown lives and writes in California, where she and her husband are busy raising two incredibly energetic boys. She is a member of 'B' Street Writers in Marin County and her most recent work is forthcoming in Static Movement and in Wheelhouse Magazine. Her blog is at maryjunebrown.wordpress.com.

Help Wanted
Erik Smetana

Multi-national Fortune 500 conglomerate seeks industry certified person for position of 2nd assistant document disassembly engineer. Must have experience with all grades of industrial waste paper disposal units, bulk shredders and little to no business acumen, lack of professional ethics additionally helpful. Sign-on bonus available. Contact: staffing@corporateUSA.com for further details.

Erik Smetana's father was reared near an Arkansas watermelon patch, his mother in Motown. He has been known to scribble things on notepads, in the margins of books, on freshly painted walls, scraps of cardboard and the occasional highway overpass. On rare occasions, his writing has managed to worm its way into otherwise respectable places, some in print, some online.

Jeremy Yingling

Every night, after their clothing mingled on the floor and their intentions mingled in the bed, they lay sweaty, unsatisfied, naked in twisted sheets. He wanted to be naked to show her he was hiding nothing. She wanted to be naked to hide the fact he was nothing to her.

Jeremy Yingling is a boy, complete with undeniable good looks, charm, and humility. He is pursuing a major in visual communication at Ohio University. Jeremy enjoys words, frisbees, and roads. He is grateful for his family and friends and is aware his writing would be worthless without their inspiration. His musings and works are available at JsYingling.Blogspot

The Breeze
Michelle Haimoff

We stared at the skyline at sunrise. But not the postcard skyline, the one you see from the rooftop of a brownstone. The light hit the windows of parked cars and the stubble above his fleece and our empty bottles, and then it was morning and time to go home.

Michelle Haimoff has written for numerous New York guidebooks and is the Executive Editor of The Panelist. Her first book, Secret New York (Interlink Books) is due for publication in the Spring of 2007.

Virtual Certainty
William J. Brazill

      The salvage team proposed raising the Titanic. It contacted the University's Computer Simulation Lab for virtual system modeling to determine project feasibility.
     The Lab performed simulations, examining the catastrophe and arriving at a provable conclusion: had the crew rearranged the deckchairs on the Titanic, the ship would not have sunk.

William Brazill lives in Virginia on the banks of the Potomac River, where he writes fiction and watches the water flow by. His most recent stories have appeared in Amsterdam Scriptum, Electronic Acorn, The Barfing Frog, Flashshot, Hack Writers, and A Long Story Short.