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Anthony Barra

Mistakes we have made -
linger like splattered insects
on our minds' screen door

Not long ago, Anthony Barra brooded regularly. These days, he cultivates a Shatner-esque joy. Central to his verve for life are his wife, dog, family, students, and a cast of associates ranging from borderline-Jesuit priests to mid-level criminals in Chivas-stained leather. Professionally, as a high school teacher of literature and writing, he has co-founded two organizations: the Cricket/Haiku-based "Coolest Club in Town" and the musical supergroup, Chicks & Dudes (embarking on the "Newark and Springfield Tour" in 2009); however, he is most proud of his presidency of the Italian-American Federation of Coffee Enthusiasts, in spite of its modest membership of one.

At long last the sun
Warms an upturned face, eyes shut
Cool breeze, scent of spring

Boston waits for months
for these afternoons; but first
one more Nor'easter

Claire Everly is a long-time Boston resident, nurse, and mother, and of course, Red Sox fan!

Sandra Mancini

Spring morning. Warm sun.
Song bursts from flowering bush.
Small mouths open wide.

Momma back with food
Young ones eager and joyful
New winged family

Having had a penchant for traveling and chocolate raspberry swirl ice cream, Sandra Mancini now lives in a house by the sea with her dogs, her music and her books. She dabbles in writing to keep away from the freezer.