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Lesley Mace

     They watched the Earth. Our beautiful blue-green planet spun through space. They sold tickets. It was a Showstopper, an alien Stop-Press. Mushroom clouds at dawn, catch 22—caught. The explosion was awesome, the firework display of the millennium. We blew ourselves up; they sipped cocktails while their children capered.

Lesley Mace

     I carried the dead cat towards the remote cottage. Driving too fast, I had seen nothing before the impact. I knocked at the unresponsive door. Sleek cats appeared out of the dark, observing me through night-vision eyes. Through the window I saw that their mistress, though dead, still fed them.

Lesley Mace writes her stories and novels with the comforting sound of background bubbling as her home-made wines ferment. She has been writing since 2003 and has written over seventy short stories, many of which have been published or have won prizes in competitions. She writes in genres including: crime, horror, literary, supernatural, historical and contemporary. Last year, helped by a grant from Arts Council England, she completed her novel Fathoming Shadows. The book is set partly in Cornwall in the 1830s and partly in Cornwall and London in 2007, Lesley is seeking representation for this book. In February 2008 her short story The Ash Tree will appear in All Hallows magazine. She is currently working on a new book set in Victorian London. She coordinates the writers' group, 'The Stortford Scribblers', in her home town of Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England.

Jeff Alan

     What did you do today? asks my neighbor who thinks my life is dull and unimportant because I don't have a job. I say just this: I walked a path circling a pond and snapped a twig, startling a splash of geese, setting them to flight—and that was enough.

Jeff Alan lives and writes in a small, quiet town in North Carolina. His work has appeared in Flashshot, Every Day Fiction, and Six Sentences. His online home is Bonescribble.com.

Mark Rosenblum

     Receptions, parties—whatever the name—just another showcase of women for conquest. But now, only one Venus bewitches. The usual seductive eyes, lips and body, yet, this one is different. Guests converse loudly but I hear only her. “Darling,” she says to me, “It’s time to cut our wedding cake.”

Mark Rosenblum is a native of New York but now lives in Southern California with his lovely wife and crazy dog (although his wife will tell you she lives with a lovely dog and crazy husband). He has been published in Mindprints - A Literary Journal, Tiferet - A Journal of Spiritual Literature and Thirteen Magazine - A British Horror/Sci-fi publication. He was also awarded Honorable Mention in the 2006 Mindprints Flash Fiction Contest.