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Lafayette Wattles

First it holds you back
then lets you run a distance;
order returning.

Lafayette Wattles
Like squirrels playing
up and down the rough tree trunk;
my heart chasing yours.

Lafayette Wattles
The cardinals alight
upon the berried branches;
sunlight naps in shade.

A former factory worker turned banker turned jeweler turned high school teacher turned golf course pro shop facilitator, Lafayette once worked on a low-budget movie with Amanda Plummer and had the good fortune of playing her dead husband in a scene that was eventually scrapped, which pretty much sums up his career as an actor. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Shit Creek Review, Prick of the Spindle, RUNES, Eclectica, and Slurve, among others, and his photograph, "Scholar," is the cover art for the December 2007 issue of Blood Lotus.

Sara Diane Doyle

The small orange goes splat!
"Catch me in a year," it says,
dehydrated rock.

The skin of the orange,
like a middle-aged woman,
getting tough with time.

Orange, still half green, fell
too early, like a bird pushed
before it could fly.

Sara Diane Doyle writes at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. She has a degree in English Literature and has been writing poetry for many years. When she is not writing, Sara enjoys mentoring young writers, acting, and traveling. Her favorite places to visit include the Clarks Fork River in Wyoming and Peru, South America.

Paul Weidknecht

I keep submitting
My haikus are improper
Always something wrong

Rhythm or stanzas
Short stories more my calling
I am no poet

Paul Weidknecht's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Oregon Literary Review, Snowy Egret, and Outdoor Life, and he's recently completed a feature-length screenplay, A Storm In Season, about a former slave who became the first African-American war hero. Strangely, it seems he has become a published poet. He lives in northwest New Jersey.

Amy Jenkins

These are things I love:
Spring, forecasting warm summer
Melting snow and ice

Daylight Savings Time
Brighter Mornings, Later nights
Grass that's turning green.

Amy Jenkins is a free lance artist who lives in the foothills of the Berkshires with her husband and two children. She has only recently started to put the scenery into words rather than brush strokes, and her thought is to combine both into a book. . . . some day. . . . maybe