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The Wrong Bliss
Suz Korb

      Pulling a long, deep drag on the menthol cigarette I let the cool smoke burn its way down my throat. Sighing smoothly, I exhaled as a wave of minty dizziness hit my brain. Then I downed the last of my Diet Coke, grabbed my towel and headed into the gym.

Suz Korb is an ex-pat of America now living in England. 'The Wrong Bliss' is her first published work of fiction and she is currently working on the edit of her first novel.

After Their Forty-Fifth
Robert Laughlin

     Ruth said they should start planning their golden anniversary now. Rick said that was five years off and they shouldn't.
     Rick woke up, ready to resume the argument. He looked across the bed and saw Ruth's dry, staring eyes.
     There are times when winning an argument brings absolutely no satisfaction.

Robert Laughlin lives in Chico, California. He is the creator of the Micro Award, an annual competition for previously published flash fiction. Two of his short stories are MWA Notable Stories, and his first novel, Vow of Silence
, is available from Trytium.

The Decision
Jim Harrington

     Susan stabbed a piece of apple harder than needed. The leftover Waldorf salad offered little solace. She wanted a marriage, a family. He remained indifferent. Two sparrows argued outside her window. One yammered, “Leave,” the other, “Stay.” Her gaze seesawed from the interlopers to her luggage. The fork, suspended, waited.

Jim Harrington lives in Huntersville, NC, with his wife and two cats. His stories have appeared in Apollo's Lyre, Camroc Press Review, Every Day Fiction, The Houston Literary Review, Long Story Short, MicroHorror, Flashshot and others. He currently serves as a flash fiction editor for Apollo’s Lyre. You can read more of his stories at www.jimharringtononline.net.

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