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Josef Lemoine

     Whenever my wife leaves the apartment, her mother tells me in Spanish what our kid will look like. If itís a girl, she will have hazel eyes and auburn hair. If itís a boy, he will be scrawny, like his dad, and blacken in the sun. Either way, our child will be chino.
     But I am not Chinese, I say. Iím not even fully Filipino. I am just a man whose heart turns to butter around your daughter.
     At least, thatís what I think I say, for my Spanish is weak, and she always raises the volume on her telenovelas.

Josef Lemoine is concluding his undergraduate degree at Cal State Long Beach, where he is a member of the university slam poetry team and a recipient of the James I. Murashige Jr. Memorial Scholarship for best short story. He has work published or forthcoming in RipRap, Word Riot, Short, Fast, and Deadly, and The Legendary. He often links to his favorite fiction here: joseflemoine.blogspot.com.

At the Red Light
Adam Eisman

     At the red light a car rolls to a stop. The rear door opens, and a little buzz-cut head tilts out. The boy throws up on the road. The driver doesnít turn. I want to get out and put my hand on the boyís pale brow—you will feel better, I want to tell him, now that itís done. The woman—his mother?—sits, idling, looking straight ahead, waiting for the light to change. I open my door, but red goes green, and the boy pulls the big car door closed and everyone drives on.

Adam Eisman, originally from Brooklyn and Haverstraw, NY, has lived in Santa Fe, NM for nearly twenty years. ďAt the Red LightĒ is his second piece to be published in Boston Literary Magazine. He writes short fiction, creative non-fiction and is working on a novel, ďLiving off the Land,Ē involving freight trains and bullies. He is currently seeking both representation and the right venues for his longer works. He can be reached at adameee@hotmail.com.

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