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Boston Literary Magazine, Spring 2012
List of Contributors

Table of Contents

    Monday Morning - Margaret Fieland
    My Muse - Bob Zappacosta
    Room & Homecoming Queen - Douglas Polk
    The Last Word & Uprising - Michael McGovern
    Monday/Wednesday/Friday, My Answer to the New Age Gurus & Abstinence Meets a Veto - Steve Caplan
    Instruction - Bridget Gage-Dixon
    Creation Myth - Christopher Bullard
    Pain - Danielle Moody
    Sea Urchin - Madeline Mora-Simmonte
    The T-Shirt Sellers in the People's Park Won't Forget Me Soon - Robert Laughlin
    Thai Comic Books - Burgess Needle
    Headhunting - Sue Ann Connaughton
    Churning Butter - J. Spinazzola
    Leading Questions - Rose M. Smith
    Coffee - Jack Freedman
    A Grain of Sand - Bob Zappacosta
    My Father Finds Me in the Bull Rushes - Steve Klepetar
    I Beat Him Every Time & The Poem I Meant to Write - Christopher Reilly
    Liberation - Valerie Geary
    Playbook - Carla Pierce
    Tea Party - Julie Heckman
    Blunt Instruments - Craig Fishbane
    Full Moon, The Sea, At Last, The Hunt & After the Storm - Rose Kowaliw
    Reflections - Lois Elaine Heckman
    Defining History - Jim Davis
    Valediction - James Pouilliard
    Warrior-Poet - Christopher Bullard
    Minority Interest - Kurt P. Klein
    Nursing on a Park Bench & It Was a Giraffe - Danny Earl Simmons
    Walking on the Beach - Stan Galloway
    Strangers in the Night - Autumn Humphrey
    Blue Jars - Laura Rodley
    Family Tripping & Is It Friday - Judith Donner Hancock
    Manicure - Jessica Lynn Wickman
    Allergic & Beyond Corpulence - Oleh Lysiak
    Bare Motives - T.M. Man
    Margins - David Ricchiute
    Thai Comic Books - Burgess Needle
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