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Boston Literary Magazine, Spring 2013
List of Contributors

Table of Contents

    Quick Fiction

      Priorities - Gary Clifton
      Plucked from the Shelf - George Ovitt
      Slow - Cara Long
      Long Day's Drive - Dave Davis
      Too Soon - Emily M. Troia
      Family Album - Doug Mathewson
      Dinner Conversation - Christian Aguiar
      Wings - Andrew Stancek
      Apollo 1 - Margaret Sessa-Hawkins
      Game as Old as Their Marriage - Emily Dawson
      Two-Stepping - John Gifford
      Letter to Next of Kin - John Gifford

    The Drabble

      A Thank You Note - Gina Faldetta
      Trespass - Sandra Crook
      His Life in the Papers - Josh Karaczewski
      Things are Looking up Around Here - Mary J. Breen
      Relinquishing Custody - Michelle Morouse

    The Dribble

      Utterly Verboten - Mark Perry
      Love Letters - Gina Faldetta
      The Paper Affair - Amy Pollard
      Kibbles and Bits - Carly Berg
      Boston Talk - Bob Dunning
      Showerheads - Jade Wu
      Reunion - J.F. Smith


      Fresh from a State - Larry D. Thomas
      Bumblebee - Larry D. Thomas
      Coyote Corridor - Laura Rodley
      Brown Sugar - Oleh Lysiak
      After the Snowstorm - Isaac Black
      The Meeting that Floated Away - Steve Klepetar
      Hospice Nurse - Myra King
      Box Thorn Lavender - Al Ortolani
      Truce - Al Ortolani
      Music of the Rain - Richard Schnap
      Tour Diary - Richard Schnap
      Spectrography - Danny Earl Simmons
      Barge - Mitch Grabois
      The Lovers - Stephen Barry
      East Eggs - Karen Lake
      Ask Me How - Doug Mathewson
      My Grandfather's Hands - John Valentine
      The Importance of Being There for Someone - Rose Mary Boehm
      Scientific Purposes - Timothy Gager
      Doomsday - Joan Colby
      Work - Mihir Vatsa


      Dandy Clouds - Craig W. Steele
      House Hunting - Craig W. Steele
      Garden Grove - Craig W. Steele
      Circle of Life - Rose Kowaliw
      Tranquil Moment - Rose Kowaliw
      Shrinking World - Bob Lucky
      Unplanned Break - Bob Lucky
      Grace Notes - Bob Lucky
      Beautiful Screensaver - James Hand
      Momento Mori - Lesley Mace

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