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Boston Literary Magazine, Spring 2014
List of Contributors

Table of Contents

    Quick Fiction

      In the Supermarket - Charles Coe
      Rags - Barry Basden
      Manipulating Marco - Jim Harrington
      Couples Counseling - Jacqueline Doyle
      After the Whistle - Tony Press
      War - Mark McKee
      Lively Projections - Bradley Sides
      Reluctant - Greta Igl
      Not Fully Vetted - Paul Finnegan
      Old Man Pozorski - James Valko
      No Lie - Lee Barton
      Free Water in Tucson - Burgess Needle

    The Drabble

      Cowboy Soul - John Sindell
      Than Never to Have Loved at All - Jeff Switt
      A Period of Awakening - Tony Press
      Daddy's Gladiolas - Von Rupert
      The Last Word - Wendy Russ
      Alone with the Stars - Jonathan Levy

    The Dribble

      Window Pain - Jeff Switt
      Winter Storm - Jeff Switt
      Firsts - Ellen Goodlett
      Third Runner Up - Hehe Jakobsen Lepri
      Settling Up - Bob Dunning
      Watching - Paul Beckman


      Anger - Keith Tornheim
      Wild Swimming - Myra King
      My Hands are Full - Robert Nordstrom
      Your Cat - Larry D. Thomas
      Waif - Richard Schnap
      Homes - Jon Bishop
      8 Notes to Myself at Twenty - Robbi Nester
      The Stars are Tiny - Danny Earl Simmons
      Here Comes the Sun - Danny Earl Simmons
      I Stole Your Voice - Michael Allyn Wells
      I Listen to My Cereal - Michael Allyn Wells
      Tuesday Morning - Brady Peterson
      Attention - Heather M. Browne
      Out from the Shadow - John Grey
      By Nine - John Grey
      What If - John Grey
      Solstice - Theric Jepson
      Poaching with Pop - John Joshua
      Liana, Stage IV - John Joshua
      1971 - Mark Lee Webb
      I Might Knock the Glass - Mark Lee Webb
      The Forest - Joshua Colwell
      South of the Border - Michael Albright
      Memories of My Parents - Paige Sullivan
      So Far from Me - Christopher Reilley


      Roadside - Thom Norgang
      Companionship - Thom Norgang
      Haiku in Honor of Receiving Electronic Rejections by a Graduate Student - Gordon Hilgers
      Koi - Dennis Herrell
      Lovers - Dennis Herrell
      At Dawn - Dennis Herrell
      Anthills - Dennis Herrell
      Stranded - Nancy May
      Nature Calling - Nancy May
      Flourish - John Hayes
      Catch of the Day - Craig W. Steele
      Pollen Count - Craig W. Steele
      Renew - Rose Kowaliw
      Spring in New England - Rose Kowaliw
      Newspaper Photo - Rose Kowaliw
      March - Rose Kowaliw

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