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Boston Literary Magazine Spring 2015
List of Contributors

Table of Contents


      WWII VET - Ray Greenblatt
      A Moral Imperative - Brady Peterson
      How Could We Not - Brady Peterson
      Secrets - Richard Schnap
      Control Freak - Richard Schnap
      Victor - Richard Schnap
      The Bug - Ed Severson
      Graduation - Craig Fishbane
      Pedestrian Encounters - Joshua Paul Bocher
      Spring Ritual - Krystyna Fedosejevs
      The Toolshed - Art Heifetz
      Night Game - Keith Tornheim
      Saving Grace - Keith Tornheim
      Coach Kaz - Steve Klepetar
      In the Subway - Steve Klepetar
      Headlines - Ramesh Dohan
      Ode to Pierre - Ramesh Dohan
      Likeness - Michael Milburn
      Because He's Fourteen I Tell Him - Michael Milburn
      Road Rage - Larry D. Thomas
      Photo Bomb - Darrell Petska
      The Wait - Cara Long

    Quick Fiction

      High and Inside - Rob Tyler
      Religion - Samantha Edmonds
      Addiction - Samantha Edmonds
      Password - Suzin Odlen
      Space Camp - Suzin Odlen
      Self Portrait of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch - Simeon Ben
      Excused Absence - Patrick R. Shepard
      Sweet Healing Mercy - Bob Zappacosta
      Scrambled Eggs - Elaine Crauder
      Last Shot - Digby Beaumont
      Robin's Egg - Patricia Rossi

    The Drabble

      Where I'm Coming From - Rachel Peters

    The Dribble

      The Burning - Crystal Moore
      The Hit - Crystal Moore
      Message Received - Crystal Moore
      Possibilities - Kristen MacIsaac


      Spring - Rose Kowaliw
      Bygone Days - Rose Kowaliw
      Promising - Rose Kowaliw
      Starting to Rain - Pamela Corbett
      On the Bay - Pamela Corbett
      Forgotten Memories - Pamela Corbett
      Spring Rain - Lesley Mace
      Secrets - Cara Long
      class act - Jane Blanchard
      in the bin - Jane Blanchard
      Perennial Attachment - Krystyna Fedosejevs
      Change of Housekeeping - Krystyna Fedosejevs
      Sparrow-filled Sky - Craig W. Steele
      Close Call - Craig W. Steele
      Spring Herald - Patricia Rossi
      Velveteen Petal - Patricia Rossi

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