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Where I'm Coming From
Rachel Peters

     I had a professor who used to talk to us about dread. He said it was the fear of nothing, and we believed it. We never stopped to realize that what he was telling us meant nothing. He didn’t know a single thing about dread. Not like I do.
     But the same professor used to hand back my papers with “not groundbreaking” printed in tiny letters at the bottom of the last page, and he once published a story about being thirteen and having an erection in the outfield. So maybe he’s not coming from exactly where I’m coming from.

Rachel Peters lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and their 90 lb. lab/chow mix. In addition to writing, she works as a high school teacher and as a swimming pool manager. Her work has previously appeared in the 2013 Bristol Prize Anthology, making this her second published work.

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