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The Burning
Crystal Moore

      He watched her, longing to be a part of her world, knowing his Father would never approve. To be with her would be hell to pay, and the label of outcast he would wear like shackles until the end of days. Despite that, the angel felt himself falling for her.

The Hit
Crystal Moore

     The sound of wailing comes from the bathroom. Scarlet splatters now stain the shower wall. That should silence her husband. She cusses at the mess she has to clean, then tells him, "I need to put tomatoes on the shopping list." He promises to never sing in the shower again.

Message Received
Crystal Moore

      We’ve started hanging out at the same place again. Sometimes I miss you by minutes. Mostly, though, I just miss you. What happened to us? I guess I’ll never know ‘cause when I asked you last week, the only response I got was, “The recipient has their personal messenger disabled.”

Crystal Moore doesn’t like to reveal much about herself, which is why she won't be found working the pole at a strip club. However, she can be found dividing her time between the realm of her imagination and North Carolina's Coastal Plain region. Her publication credits include humorous greeting card copy, children's short stories, and now, drumroll, please, flash fiction thanks to Boston Literary Magazine.

Kristen MacIsaac

     Holding the old picture, Maggie imagined caressing the sparse tendrils sprouting beneath the edge of her daughter’s tiny pink hat. One side of her baby’s mouth was tighter than the other, creating the illusion of a smile. If her daughter had lived, would her hair have become straight? Maggie wondered.

Kristen MacIsaac is an avid reader who writes what she wants to read. Her childhood stories involved fantastical creatures, poisoned paintings, and other impossible events. Now, her focus is slightly more realistic, and she is currently working on her first novel. Kristen can be reached at kristen_macisaac@yahoo.com.

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