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Rose Kowaliw

The slant of sunlight
the flocks of birds on the lawn
something’s in the air.

Bygone Days
Rose Kowaliw

I remember when
life was innocent and safe
no one locked their doors.

Rose Kowaliw

Sunlight’s morning rays
Glittering window crystals
Rainbows fill my room.

Rose Kowaliw loves the sparse beauty of a Haiku and its illusion of simplicity.

Starting to Rain
Pamela Corbett

in cloudless blue skies,
the sound of water ripples,
as swans chase their young.

On the Bay
Pamela Corbett

a west wind blows,
blind to large looming black clouds—
small boys crab at dusk.

Forgotten Memories
Pamela Corbett

red scratchy wagons,
lost kites, rusty, wet bikes—
vie for beach fenceposts.

Pamela Corbett is a teacher who lives in Bedford, NY. She enjoys the simplicity of the haiku form, the paring down thoughts, and finding instances in life she can capture in haiku. She loves to read, sun bath, and bike along the horse farms in Bedford, the reservoirs of NY, and out on Fire Island, a small barrier island without cars. She is most inspired by the grace of nature. Her work has previously appeared in in Haiku Journal.

Spring Rain
Lesley Mace

Water seeps. Cracks open.
Cold weather un-proofs the house.
We mend guttering.

Lesley writes in a garden room that’s stuffed with books and notebooks. She is an Escalator Award winner, and has received Arts Council England funding for her writing. Published in Writers’ Forum (three times first prize-winner), Bewildering Stories and previously in Boston Literary Magazine, she is currently working on her second book, a crime novel, set in the underworld of 1860s London.

Cara Long

Secrets kept inside
Opened with razors then words
And healing begins

Cara Long is completing her MFA in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University. She loves learning about the art of writing. She is the author of three children’s picture books, and is currently working on a novel of realistic fiction.

class act
Jane Blanchard

torture to teacher
pushing papers from the desk
making room for more

in the bin
Jane Blanchard

a loaf of white bread
the weekly penny special
take it or leave it

Jane Blanchard lives and writes in Georgia. Her work has appeared previously in Boston Literary Magazine and recently in Carbon Culture Review, Mezzo Cammin, and Tar River Poetry.

Perennial Attachment
Krystyna Fedosejevs

Brown-eyed Susan leans
against stargazing lily.
Ants crawl untethered.

Change of Housekeeping
Krystyna Fedosejevs

Squirrel flees birdhouse.
Sparrows breeze in holding twigs.
Neighbour’s cat watches.

Krystyna Fedosejevs writes poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. Fiction and poetry recently published online and in journals at: Nailpolish Stories, 50-Word Stories, 100 word story, A Story in 100 Words, 101 Words, From the Depths (Haunted Waters Press), ShortbreadStories and espresso stories. Nonfiction appeared in flash fiction chronicles and in Wild Lands Advocate. Krystyna resides in Alberta, Canada.

Sparrow-filled Sky
Craig W. Steele

dense flock of sparrows—
not a single one protests
its small patch of sky

Close Call
Craig W. Steele

sparrow on the sill—
I bear-hug the stalking cat;
slink away with him

Craig W. Steele resides in the countryside of northwestern Pennsylvania, near Lake Erie. In his quest to become a widely-published unknown poet, his poetry has appeared in numerous publications, most recently in The Lyric, Mused: the BellaOnline Literary Review, and Wolf Willow Journal, amongst others, and continues to write monthly poetry as “The Writer’s Poet” for Extra Innings online.

Spring Herald
Patricia Rossi

forsythia burst
slumbered gardens awaken
birds rejoice in song

Velveteen Petal
Patricia Rossi

peeks of purple hue
spring harbinger immersion
inaugural crocus

Patricia Rossi is an attorney, freelance artist and writer. Her poetry has been featured in Long Island magazines and published in “Poetry Haiku. Her personal essays have been published in major New York newspapers. One of her academic papers was featured in New York Magazine. Patricia leads creative writing workshops for cancer survivors. She is also the recipient of a number of New York state funded individual artist grants. Patricia has utilized the grant monies to create and implement writing empowerment workshops for women specifically in underserved communities in New York State. Patricia lives on Long Island with her husband Ed and their adorable pup, Flanagan.

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