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Summer 06

CC Milam

On a moonless night
Her full form covered with the veil of a cloud
I become Taliesin
Again and again
Shift this shape that I wear loosely
I am the owl by the side of the road
Opened winged in glory
Sacrificed to the 18-wheeler

I am the dusty old love letter
In the shoe box
That the granddaughter finds
After the old woman is put to rest
In the cold ground
On a rainy spring day

I am the lonely blue jay
Feather swept up at the end of the driveway
With the candy wrappers and the yardwork
Flyers colored with spring yellows and baby blues

I am the old mountain lion in Colorado
Who frightened by the conquest of city
And hungry from the hard dry winter
Attacks the little boy named food

I am the old car the rusty gray station wagon
With a crunched rear bumper
And a one-eyed tail light
That watches in its infinite wisdom
Like some grim gray god
Wodin in disguise

I am the old black sleeveless T-shirt
That you just can't throw away
Because every stain is a memory
And every tear is a scar to wear proudly
Even though it won't fit over an old man's belly

I am that stubborn weed that stands all alone
Right smack dab in the middle of the manicured fescue
With a lion maned head that dances in the hot breath
Of the west wind

I am Taliesin
Of the many shapes
I dance in the shadow
Of every poem

Waiting patiently
To become word
To be spoken
In a whisper or a roar

CC Milam is a reclusive poet who practices Ceremonial High Shamanism in the tradition of the Tang poets. He was profoundly influenced by the writing and philosophy of Han Shan, and believes that poetry is an ancient magickal process.