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Summer 06

Allen Ginsberg is Dead


Allen Ginsberg is Dead they did not tell the night
Before I planted a sunflower
shatter'd, black,

I saw you, Allen Ginsberg, in a
supermarket of status,

Allen, what do you
remember of


Preaching to some chick 'bout Burroughs and Kerouac
and Mexico City for cris’sakes. This Jane sez
she like, uh, doesn't read cause there's no
remote control and like who the Hell is this guy
Kerouac anyway?

Would you understand if I explained?


Back @ Fenway we are scoreless after an inning and a half.
32k on hand to watch. These stretched, far-fetched families do
not care that Allen Ginsberg is...


I hurt so sad and
I don't know

Allen Ginsberg is dead they did not tell the night before.

Christopher Shepard is a wicked mayonnaise addict living in Watertown, MA (close to a large store that never runs out of Big H mayo). Christopher’s wife is revolted by mayonnaise. Shepard, a refugee from the low-rent world of community journalism, teaches English Comp courses and writes a syndicated online sports gambling column. Christopher does not facebook, but his poems have been published in the Berkshire Review and Boston Poet as well as on numerous birthday cards for family. .