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Summer 06

Homerís Run

Homerís retellings of legendary exploits of mortals and their Gods were, by all literary measures, universally esteemed for both their stunning insights into the human condition as well as revivifying metaphorical phrasing and, yet, somehow, were deeply unsettling to their distant hearers, reasoning that he seemed to know perhaps too much to be true, so to say, for a guy who hadnít seen shit.

Born in Brooklyn, J.B. Pravda is a prolific writer in all genres, with an emphasis on short works, including microfiction/flash fiction and one act plays. His collection, An Attention-Deficit Anthology or Short Walks Through a Long Now is featured at the innovative Warholesque gallery in NYC, Unpublished Underground (www.unpublishedunderground.com). Recently he was selected by Kennedy Center Staff & NYU Drama Faculty to participate in the Summer Intensive Playwriting Program and will be featured in Judy Brownís next standup comedy book out in 07.