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Summer 06

A Tail of Space

Torn between the greater good of peace, at last, between peoples of differing cultural mores and traditions on the one hand and his selfish concerns about posing as the chained primate in Grigori's elaborately feigned appearance of insanity as his ticket home, Astronaut Simpson agreed to play Jocko the surly monkey in the upcoming television transmission back to Star City, Russia from the confines of an admittedly long past prime Mir, hoping earnestly that when his time came to return his prehensile tail would fit in his spacesuit.

Born in Brooklyn, J.B. Pravda is a prolific writer in all genres, with an emphasis on short works, including microfiction/flash fiction and one act plays. His collection, An Attention-Deficit Anthology or Short Walks Through a Long Now is featured at the innovative Warholesque gallery in NYC, Unpublished Underground (www.unpublishedunderground.com). Recently he was selected by Kennedy Center Staff & NYU Drama Faculty to participate in the Summer Intensive Playwriting Program and will be featured in Judy Brown’s next standup comedy book out in 07.