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Paul Alan Fahey

     "Why, Tony?" Carmela screams.
     "Just business."
     "But Ade, my dearest friend."
     Tony turns away.
     She grabs a knife, drives it between his shoulder blades.
Tony goes down.
     Carmela reaches for the phone, punches in a number. "Bobby?
     I need a favor. Come over. I made a mess in my kitchen."

Paul Alan Fahey is a learning disabilities specialist at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, California. He is also the editor of the national magazine, Mindprints, A Literary Journal, a forum forwriters and artists with disabilities. His work has recently appeared in Coyote Wild, Skive Magazine, Harvest and is forthcoming in Crimson Highway and A Cup of Comfort.

At the Wheel
J.W. Hocter

      Thomas yawned, glancing in his rear-view mirror at the faint headlights. He felt his eyes close. A moment later his firebird ploughed through the guardrail, careening off the canyon's side with Louis Armstrong cooing "What a Wonderful World" on the radio. Thomas opened his sleepy eyes for the last time.

J.W. Hocter is a writer living in Ohio.

Gumshoe Flash Dance
Bill West

     Arms flailed, legs jerked every which way. He rocked and reeled, jumped to her beat. Staccato lights stitched the gloom.
     Not what he'd expected. Her head tilted, hair wild under neon.
     His pain flared red like her silk dress, coral lips devoured him. The dark mouth of her automatic. Smoking.

Bill West lives in Shropshire, England. He is a member of the Bridgnorth Writers' Group, I*D Writers' Group and a number of on-line Writers' Communities. His work has appeared in FlashQuake, Mytholog, Heavy Glow, Right Hand Pointing, 21 Stars Review, Foliate Oak and other places. WriteWords