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Ivy Alvarez

we walk in darkness
down an avenue of trees
rain beats time on leaves

one exhalation
among many in the bus
fogs up the windows

cold drinks perspiring
the guests wait in line for food
the ants help themselves

Ivy Alvarez is the author of Mortal. Her poetry is published in journals and anthologies worldwide and online. Website: Ivy Alvarez

J. Bishop

Bad at gardening,
but I managed to grow a
relationship once.

We had kissed atop
a majestic balcony.
Saw ourselves in Time.

Jon Bishop is a college student from Wilmington, Massachusetts whose short fiction and poetry has been published in various magazines both in print and online. He's now waiting to hear from the New Yorker. We'll see how that goes.

Barbara Meikle

Floating side by side
They're pink and blue like lovers,
Splash! and thrust apart

Water calms. Waves stop.
Drawn together like magnets
Beach balls in the pool

Barbara Meikle is a part-time editor, writer, and octanagerian. She lives north of Boston with her husband of 52 years and their pet Golden Retriever.