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Rex Stocklin

Cicadan rhythms
thrum into the moistened dark
Indiana dusk

Lotsa hills o' green
Worsh* across the gentle hills
Kiss the fruited plain

Autos and Amish
equally share history
with Hoops and Hometowns

Rex Stocklin, while he'd love to pursue his gift of graphic design, has been rerouted by a stroke, and, at 52, is channeling his inner 24-year-old. Hence, a passion for taking in the cream of today's cultural scene, being a pithy iconoclast, luxuriating in the variety of global food choices (while remaining local & sustainable) and toying in a never-ending dalliance with wordplay. He turns to turns to poetry (and writing, in general), to heed Dylan Thomas' famed exhortation. In all of this heat, he's lost the underwear and swapped out to a panama hat while the tea is now iced & black. But he still loves his dark chocolate, even IF it is a smidge melty.

Leah Browning
Megan's backyard, just
past dinner. The coals still hot
in the barbecue.

We have all seven
of our children, her in-laws,
a light summer breeze.

The wooden table
offers fruit, corn, tomatoes
ripened on the vine.

We've been apart the
past ten years. Now fireflies
speckle the night air.

Leah Browning is the author of three nonfiction books for teens and pre-teens. Her fiction, poetry, essays, and articles have also appeared in a variety of publications including Queen's Quarterly, 42opus, Tipton Poetry Journal, Brink Magazine, Autumn Sky Poetry, Clapboard House, Salome Magazine, and several anthologies. Audio versions of some of her poems are available on her podcast Leah Browning Podcast. In addition to writing, Browning serves as editor of the Apple Valley Review, an online literary journal.