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Sarah Williams

The waking sky burns,
afire with glittering light—
A new day is born.

Tide-lines ebb and wane,
a bejeweled ocean yawns—
Morning's sluggish end.

A misty veil falls,
darkness on the horizon—
Wings of night approach

Sarah Williams is a graduate of the California State University of Fresno with a BA in English and a minor concentration of creative writing with an emphasis on poetry.

John Lander

enter six blue suits
oxen geese and fox stage trot
smile beauty show freaks

John Lander

blood-dark shoe mud smudge
flakes dry, crumbles down to dust
clean swept memories

John Lander

raindrop splattered path
gathers slugs under swift foot
the guilt of slaughter

John Lander reads and writes out of sunny Southern California, where he has become something of a balcony aficionado. His work can be, or will be soon, found over at Thieves Jargon, Everyday Poetry, and Tuesday Shorts, though he suggests you continue reading the rest of this issue before you navigate elsewhere.

Joseph Hesch

On her upper lip
Diamond dewdrops sparkle—
A steamy sunrise.

Joseph Hesch

Out of gas, no oil,
lawn grass clogs the rusty blades.
Guess there is no mow.

Joseph Hesch

Listen! Cicadas!
They play a heavenly air,
Strumming their harp wings.

Joseph Hesch

Prism of roadway—
Hot blacktop returns the rain
Bending light and air.

Joseph Hesch is a writer and poet who enjoys three of the four seasons that frame life in his hometown of Albany, NY. Autumn might be his favorite. Spring and Summer are fine. He's certain he cannot tolerate any more Winters, though. His poems have appeared in previous issues of Boston Literary Magazine and in Wanderings Magazine.

Kaitlin McBride

Burnished ocean waves—
Silvery fish swim below
Flicking tails retreat.

Kaitlin McBride is a full time student and amateur writer of poems, song lyrics, and short stories. This is her first time to be published anywhere outside the safety of her laptop. In her spare time she absorbs Muse (the band), Sci-Fi, and lots of House MD.

Barbara Meikle

I love the light green
of trees and grass in the Spring.
And yellow flowers.

I love warmer days.
Most of all I love Spring for
Daylight Savings Time

Barbara Meikle is a part-time editor, writer, and octanagerian. She lives north of Boston with her husband of 55 years and their golden retriever.

Don Pesavento

banana spider's
delicately crafted lace
vibrates deadly space

Don Pesavento was born in St. Louis and raised in Chicago, instilled early on with mysticism, nurturing a sense of the wondrous. Poems fly like kites in the skies of Underground Voices, The Literary Bohemian, Origami Condom, and The Battered Suitcase.

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