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Lauren Rogener

     The body of the Gothic Church is made to bring you closer to heaven: ambitious spires grazing the sky, sublime colors cruising the walls, and pious groaning of invisible monks. Breaking the spell, only, is the bony frame that shuffles a mop across the dirty floor, also beneath this god.

Lauren J. Rogener is a graduate student from New York, currently studying and working in Montreal. Her research focuses primarily on early modern drama, while her own writing steers clear of theatre entirely. She is working on three cycles of poetry and one piece of fiction.

     He cut his hand and they said, “Workmen’s compensation or your job.” Ninety-one days later, they fired him anyway: “What good’s a carpenter with nine fingers?” While the Depression lasted, he stood on park benches shouting for socialism. Meanwhile, he stacked stories Saturday Evening Post rejected in his steamer trunk.

Joe Kraus teaches American Literature and creative writing at the University of Scranton. He is the co-author of An Accidental Anarchist (Academy Chicago 2001), and his short stories and essays have appeared, among other places, in The American Scholar, Riverteeth, The Southern Humanities Review, and Moment.

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