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The Future Former
Mary Perth

I watch as you sleep,
wondering if you're dreaming
of your ex-girlfriend.

Mary Perth has spent the last several years living, writing, and eating chicken sandwiches in various nooks along the east coast, and she hopes to continue this tradition for the foreseeable future. Her poetry has appeared in Four and Twenty and The Fib Review. She maintains a freshly-minted blog at maryperth.wordpress.com/.

Haiku Dictionary
Mike Miller

Mittens (pl. n.):
marshmallows adrift on seas
light and chocolate brown.

Cheerful (adj.):
clean formica countertops
washed in morning light.

Wolf (both n. and v.):
slipping Halloween candies
underneath the mask.

Melancholy (n.):
diabetic black fingers
on old guitar strings.

Algorithm (n.):
bombed-out Pakistani homes
on the evening news.

Carelessly (adv.):
an expensive greeting card
with no signature.

Silent (adj.):
windblown plastic flowers on
the wrong personís grave.

Mike Miller, a recent MA graduate of Indiana State University in his hometown of Terre Haute, IN, has been a high school English teacher and underpaid teaching assistant and is currently starting down the abyss of opportunity known as unemployment. He has served for several years as the assistant editor of Indiana English and spends his days grasping at his wrists after copy editing local authorsí self-published novels.

Haiku Diner
Peter Hepburn

Waiter, here water
I don't think he can hear me
Pass the bread sticks dear

Don't get your blood up
It sure is busy tonight
Here he comes, I think

Care for a menu
I am Kenny, your server
Oh sure, take your time

Peter Hepburn is a retired 9-1-1 fire-medical dispatcher. He is a graduate of New Paltz College and National University. His poetry and prose appear in The Owl, The Gnu, The Acorn Review, San Diego Writers Ink anthology-2008, The Houston Literary Review, San Diego Poetry Annual, Dime Stories-Third and Fifth Year CDS, and pending in The Latent Print. He won honorable mention editorsí pick in San Diego City Beat Fiction 101 contest in 2008 and a caption writing contest in Splendid Marbles. He has written a complete poetry manuscript and hopes to find a publisher soon.

Sea Glass
Rose Kawaliw

Early morning walks
on the beach searching for gifts
brought in from the sea.

Rose Kowaliw lives in New Hampshire and enjoys creating original digital art as well as writing Haiku. She was accepted for a stay at the Dorset Writer's Colony in Vermont, and her poetry has been published in Weaving Women's' Words, Wild Minds, The Northern New England Review, The Keene Sentinel, and the New Hampshire Troubadour. She was a recipient of the Golden Poet Award. Her art has been exhibited throughout New Hampshire and New York. She makes it a point to spend time at the ocean as often as possible, for renewal.

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