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Boston Literary Magazine, Summer 2012
List of Contributors

Table of Contents

    Recollections - Gary Clifton
    Best Man, Reconsidered - Brad Rose
    Bubbles and Illusions - Mary Ann Back
    After 30 Years - Barry Basden
    Diamond - Lena Bishop
    Boy Scout Camp & Bullfrog - Craig W. Steele
    The Mind in the Sky - Tom Holmes
    Extant Correlations - Jim Davis
    Acrobat, Rainy Days & The Conversation - Eric Boermeester
    The Hand that Feeds - TM Man
    Class Reunion - Rose Kowaliw
    Summer Rain - Dan Allawat
    Moving On - Melodie Corrigall
    In the Middle of Somewhere - Ray Greenblatt
    Haunted House, Old Wife's Tale & Home Fires Burning - Kathleen Brewin Lewis
    Little Pink Flags - Jeffrey Ballard
    The Underside of Leaves & Escape from NY - Mike DiChristina
    My Lunch Date with an Unimportant Friend - Carly Berg
    The Doll & The Ex - Brian Duke
    Tree Tattoo, Painted Wings & Green Bottle - Eric Muller
    Hitching Post of the Sun - Lauren Tivey
    My Grandfather by the Shore & On Seeing the 1911 Census - Stephen Barry
    Matchmaking - Rena Lee
    Hospital Parking Lot - Terri Kirby Erickson
    The Plague of the Candidates - Sarah Brown Weitzman
    NPR and the Death of Electric Guitars - Nathan Graziano
    Tell Her - Danny Earl Simmons
    For that Part of Me - Duncan Campbell
    Globes - Rick Bailey
    Misogyny - Oleh Lysiak
    After the Performance - Anne Whitehouse
    The Pond Behind the Heart & Tacitus Silent At Last - Al Ortolani
    Vanilla - Craig Fishbane
    Long Pond - Bob Zappacosta
    Sick Child on an Elevator - Thomas March
    Beering of Souls - TM Man
    Late Afternoon - Douglas Polk
    Tattoozled - Doug Mathewson

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