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Boston Literary Magazine, Summer 2013
List of Contributors

Table of Contents

    Quick Fiction

      Alternatives - Alisa Golden
      Druid - Ray Greenblatt
      Getting Away from it All - Ray Greenblatt
      Me and Buddy at the Pink Elephant - Brad Rose
      Ken Plans a Trip to Toys R Us - Brad Rose
      Ride the Storm - Mary McCluskey
      And he cried, bring it on! - Michael C. Keith
      Lunch Time - Allison Futterman
      Local News - Allison Futterman

    The Drabble

      Legacy - Bryan Shawn Wang
      "The Talk" - Joey Borgwardt
      The Preacher's Son - Mark Roberts
      The Possibilities - Bob Lucky
      Fallout - Henry Tonn
      Water, Youth - Jade Wu
      My Narcoleptic Lover - Jade Wu
      Space Invaders - Ben Boyarko
      Bottled - Matt Hutchinson

    The Dribble

      After the Revolution - Courtney Watson
      Motherhood - J.B. Harris
      Curtain Felony - Mick Foreman


      I See My Father - Martin McCaw
      Mrs. Noah's Bitch - Richard H. Fox
      Dad Says Grace - Richard H. Fox
      Sleeping Beauty - David Adès
      Tewksbury Mental Hospital - Elaine Moynahan
      Cook Books - Oleh Lysiak
      Blinds Darkness - Oleh Lysiak
      How we too haven't stayed young... - Rena Lee
      There's a Slow Leak in Me - Danny Earl Simmons
      I Told Her, “It Must Feel like a Curse Sometimes,” and She Looked Back to Say, “It’s Really Bad When I Work It” - Danny Earl Simmons
      Buttons - Ralph Womer, Jr.
      Soldering - Ralph Womer, Jr.
      Toy Soldiers - Michael A. Wells
      Man from Mars - Doug Mathewson
      Beefeater - Michael Holme
      Pot - Amye Archer
      Vagabond - Lauren T. Yates
      Lost Anthem - Richard Schnap
      Rehobeth - Laura Rodley
      Sweet Peas from Last Summer - Kellie Wardman
      Two Mutts - Kellie Wardman
      The Gift - Corey Cook


      Collie - Mark Perry
      Syllables - Mark Perry
      Nature - Mark Perry
      Tongues - Ebby
      Renewing My Soul - Rose Kowaliw
      Birdsong - Rose Kowaliw
      The Pond - Rose Kowaliw
      Celebrations - Craig W. Steele
      Family Tree - Craig W. Steele
      Dog Days of Summer - Craig W. Steele

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