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Boston Literary Magazine, Summer 2014
List of Contributors

Table of Contents


      Hazardous Materials - Lawrence Kessenich
      On Sitting in a Dentist's Chair - Merle P. Martin
      The Greatest Novel Ever Written - Martin McCaw
      Outcast - Richard Schnap
      In the Ring - Jeff Burt
      Flower - David Pring-Mill
      Breast Cancer - J. K. Durick
      Over Here - J. K. Durick
      These Cells - J. K. Durick
      Christmas Tree Poem - David R. Cravens
      House of Cards - Michael Keshigian
      Slip - Keith Tornheim The Big It - Ray Greenblatt
      Picking Flowers - Laura Rodley
      A Brief Notice - Yuxing Xia
      Gravediggers - Jeff Flynn
      Polio - Ed Severson
      What We Heard - Ed Severson
      The First Street - Elizabeth Crowell
      Cooler - Elizabeth Crowell
      Open Convertible - Mary Pacifico Curtis
      Mr. O Runs a Loose Ship - Al Ortolani
      Senior Momentum - Doug Mathewson
      Table for One - Doug Mathewson
      Afternoon - Doug Mathewson
      Coupled - Sheila Tzerman

    Quick Fiction

      Running in a Circle - Jon Beight
      Sleepover - Lizzi Wolf
      Moving - Lizzi Wolf
      Magic Potion - Lizzi Wolf
      Plastic Stars - Alexandra DeStefano
      Obsolete - Patrick R. Shepard
      Poetic Influences - Bob Zappacosta
      Evaporating Landscapes - Robert Scotellaro
      Her Life on Crooked - Robert Scotellaro
      Different/The Same - Robert Scotellaro
      Bobbing Heads - Jon Sindell
      The Newlyweds - Ron Van Swerigen
      Porches - E. Suzin Odlen
      The Draftsman - Stephen Parrish
      Anniversary Gift - Stephen Parrish
      Uncle Ross - Erin Jenkins
      B-L-T - Jeff Switt

    The Drabble

      Ruby Someday - Jeff Switt

    The Dribble

      My Dad - Paul Beckman


      The Best Bait - Craig W. Steele
      Empty Nest - Craig W. Steele
      Celestial Celebration - Craig W. Steele
      Big Trouble Haiku - Steven Juliano
      Summer's Rhythm - Melvatean Rocha
      Psyche Ward Haiku - Jeff Flynn
      Swimmers Beware - Rose Kowaliw
      Evensong - Rose Kowaliw
      Stain Painting - Rose Kowaliw

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