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My Dad
Paul Beckman

     Dad makes my girlfriends laugh so they come over often. He says silly things and they love his teasing and cooking—pasta, salad and chocolate chunk cookies. The cookies, not just because of the pot, but they are so chunked out with chocolate. The pot's a bonus—like the sex.

Paul Beckman used to be a Realtor, Air Traffic Controller, Saloon Keeper, Pin Setter, Numbers Runner & many other things. These days he's a Zeyde who writes, travels and takes pictures both above and beneath the water. Some publishing credits: Metazen, Connotation Press, Existere, Boston Literary Magazine, Molotov Cocktail, Pure Slush, The Brooklyner, 5 Trope, Blink-Ink, Litro, Soundzine, Opium, Playboy, The Connecticut Review, Ascent Aspirations and other fine publications on line, in print & via audio. He can be reached at beckman.paul@gmail.com & visited at his published story website paulbeckmanstories.com.

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