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The Best Bait
Craig W. Steele

fishing with my kids
stale pieces of bread for bait—
earthworms way too cute

Empty Nest
Craig W. Steele

hummingbird hovers
among the fuchsias…zooms off—
son calls to say “hi”

Celestial Celebration
Craig W. Steele

August sun melting
into red wax horizon…
first stars celebrate

Craig W. Steele resides in the countryside of northwestern Pennsylvania, not far from Lake Erie. He’s a professor of biology at Edinboro University. Besides Boston Literary Magazine, his poetry has appeared most recently in Mused: the BellaOnline Literary Review, Eucalypt, red lights, Halcyon and elsewhere, and is forthcoming in Stone Path Review, Ottawa Arts Review, The Lyric, Frogpond, Popular Astronomy and other places.

Big Trouble Haiku
Steven Juliano

A weekly routine.
No one to do it for me.
Laundry night again.

I categorize
colors, sheets, towels, and whites
Wash separately

Dryer is buzzing.
Load the basket, clean and fresh
Time to fluff and fold.

Weekly sock muster
Match color, pattern, texture
Another sock gone?

It’s happened again!
Am I just incompetent?
A desperate search

Growing frustration
Where the heck do they all go?
Sock oblivion?

A friend comforts me:
"It’s okay, not to worry"
Perhaps he is right.

"You’ll get them all back!
In Heaven, they’re all returned!
In a great big box!

Soothing calm sets in.
I save it with the others,
In that special place

But…it’s not over.
New found peace, quickly shattered.
A disturbing thought:

We’re in big trouble.
We can’t keep track of our socks.
We run the planet.

Steve is a sub middle-class electrician living in Connecticut who's never written anything besides a check. Inspired by an old friend and his inordinate concern over his socks, his first effort takes a hard look at mankind's sorry state of affairs.

Summer's Rhythm
Melvatean Rocha

Summer wind sweeps high
Trees waltz harmoniously,
The grass marches low.

Imagine a world without beauty. Writers and artists are similar to gardeners. They produce and nurture great ideas. This is Melvatean’s motto in life. Melvatean lives in Texas with her husband. She graduated from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. She enjoys poetry, reading, traveling, nature, gardening, scenic walks, coffee shops and spending time with her family. Melvatean enjoys writing poetry, short stories and science fiction. To Melvatean, poetry is the “navigation of life”. When Melvatean is not writing, she’s engaging in life. She is enjoying life and making a difference.

Psyche Ward Haiku
Jeff Flynn

Inside the psyche ward
I am searched bottom to top;
then slowly exhale.

Jeff Flynn is a librarian and works at the New England | Law Boston, and part-time dog walker. He lives in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Swimmers Beware
Rose Kowaliw

Noisy waterfalls
slippery rocks, swirling pools
Danger sign missing.

Late one afternoon
at the bottom of the pool
missing boy was found.

Rose Kowaliw

At the end of the day
singing their nightly refrain
Nocturnal peepers.

Stain Painting
Rose Kowaliw

Vibrant acrylics
saturate cotton canvas
bleeding colors merge.

Rose Kowaliw is drawn to the sparse beauty of a Haiku like the tides are drawn to the moon.

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