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Boston Literary Magazine Summer 2015
List of Contributors

Table of Contents


    She - Ray Greenblatt
    Warm Summer Memories - Michael Keshigian
    Strapped for Cash - Doug Mathewson
    A Great Beauty - Daniel Appleby
    The Massage Therapist's Pain - Michael Mark
    Talking in the Hospital - Michael Mark
    Evolution - Fred Skolnik
    In Culmination - Michael C. Keith
    Brief Flights - Richard Schnap
    Tilt - Richard Schnap
    Scientist-A Mentee - Fareha Razvi
    Boston Billiards - Alexis Ivy
    Not Much of a Love Story - Alexis Ivy
    Saving the World - Laura Rodley
    Jell-O Wiggles - Laura Rodley
    Almost - Laura Rodley
    A Week on the Road with My Dad - Bill Glose
    Marbles - Al Ortolani
    Ultimate Compulsion - Kathy Steinemann
    Blue Hills - Steve Klepetar

Quick Fiction

    The Choices - Soren James
    The Bank Note - Don Cummings
    Near Future Parking - Doug Mathewson
    Lend a Hand - Doug Mathewson
    Within the Garden - Patti Rossi
    What Your Grandmother Said, circa 1975 - Stephanie Thurrott
    Irish Time - Reynold Junker
    Junk Mail - Renuka Raghavan
    Miniature Michael Phelps - Shasta Grant
    Such was the State of His Optimism - Chuck Strangeward
    Ten Minutes - Tamsin Hopkins
    Vagabond - Charlotte Crowder
    Free Will - Phil Temples

The Drabble

    What She Gets Up To - George Aitch
    Not Even Death - Soren James

The Dribble

    Relax - Crystal Moore
    Essence of the Beach - Kristen MacIsaac
    Eve of Execution - Bunmi Oke
    Ripper - Lesley Mace
    Perspective - Lori Cramer
    The Test - Gloria Garfunkel


    Sipping Wine on the Porch - Rose Kowaliw
    Sunrise - Rose Kowaliw
    Kayaking - Rose Kowaliw
    Open Windows - Rose Kowaliw
    Husband's Mouth - Trisha Wheeldon
    Moving Day - Craig W. Steele
    Scent of Lilacs - Craig W. Steele
    Absolute Magnitude - Lesley Mace
    Watercolors - dl mattila
    Bed Spread - dl mattila
    Journey - Frank Geurrandeno
    Oceanside Walk - Krystyna Fedosejevs
    Campfire - Krystyna Fedosejevs
    Barbecue Season - Krystyna Fedosejevs
    Sport - Jane Blanchard
    Worry - David L. White
    Manzanita - David L. White
    220 Ave D - David L. White
    The Weight of Silence - John Hawkhead
    Catching Moonlight - John Hawkhead
    Shadows of Blossom - John Hawkhead
    Sagamore Beach - Ron Scully
    Wellfleet - Ron Scully
    Point Ray - Ron Scully
    Try - Catfish McDaris
    Next - Catfish McDaris
    Grow - Catfish McDaris

Summer 2015
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