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Beginning at dusk
sporadic flickering lights
Fireflies in flight.

Rose Kowaliw

Bald eagle flying
majestic wings catch the light
poetic motion.

Rose Kowaliw

Loons swim silently
passing me by fluidly
towards the setting sun.

Open Windows
Rose Kowaliw

Full moon, bats flying
bullfrogs sing amorously
muggy summer nights.

Rose Kowaliw loves the sparse beauty of a Haiku and its illusion of simplicity.


Husband's Mouth
Trisha Wheeldon

I want to land here
On the dip of your lower
Lip: where words are born.

Trisha Kc Buel Wheeldon recently got up the courage to say out loud that she is a writer. A west coast native, but her current adventures have landed her in Eglin AFB, Florida with her husband, son, and daughter. She studied creative writing at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She writes both poetry and creative nonfiction. Her stuff has appeared or is forthcoming in Peaches Lit Mag, Segullah, and Mothers Always Write, The Voices Project, The Salal Review and elsewhere. Trisha's other love is yoga because the practice makes her feel like the phrases and pauses of a poem. Connect with her at facebook.com/trishawheeldon, instagram.com/kcbuel, and twitter.com/kcbuel.

Moving Day
Craig W. Steele

moving day morning—
monarch butterfly settles
atop the U-Haul

Scent of Lilacs
Craig W. Steele

fresh scent of lilacs
sulfur butterfly perches
on the porch railing

Craig W. Steele resides in the countryside of northwestern Pennsylvania, near Lake Erie. In his quest to become a widely-published unknown poet, his poetry has appeared in numerous publications, most recently in The Lyric, Mused: the BellaOnline Literary Review, and Wolf Willow Journal, amongst others, and continues to write monthly poetry as “The Writer’s Poet” for Extra Innings online.

Absolute Magnitude
Lesley Mace

The big bang pushes,
gravity choreographs,
bright galaxies dance

Lesley writes in a garden room that’s stuffed with books and notebooks. She is an Escalator Award winner, and has received Arts Council England funding for her writing. Published in Writers’ Forum (three times first prize-winner), Bewildering Stories and previously in Boston Literary Magazine, she is currently working on her second book, a crime novel, set in the underworld of 1860s London.

dl mattila

a wet wash of blues
on city sidewalks; splashy
umbrellas in bloom

Bed Spread
dl mattila

patch by patch by patch
shasta daisies paint themselves
into a corner

dl mattila is the author of Quietus, a collection of poems. Her work has been published in Contemporary Haibun Online, Frogpond, Shot Glass Journal, and The Rotary Dial (CA), among others.

Frank Geurrandeno

boardwalk of turtles
amble seaside at sun’s surge
current sweeps a kiss

Frank Geurrandeno is a Roanoke College undergraduate studying Creative Writing and a freelance writer for ClickIndie.com. Early in his career, he has found success with poetry and short fiction in various print and online publications including The Rusty Nail for his short story 'The Interlock,' Dark Matter Journal for his short story 'The Robin's Birth', and poetry in Sediments Literary-Arts Journal, Word Soup's "End Hunger" series, East Jasmine Review, and Haiku Journal. Frank also is featured in the anthology 'Voices from Smith Mountain Lake.'

Oceanside Walk
Krystyna Fedosejevs

Frothy waves sparkle
in sunlit ocean waters.
Turtle basks on shore.

Krystyna Fedosejevs

Toasting marshmallows
under a star-studded sky.
Distant coyotes howl.

Barbecue Season
Krystyna Fedosejevs

Barbecue clicked on.
Kebabs sizzle while drinks served.
Must find brimmed sunhat.

Krystyna Fedosejevs writes poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. Fiction and poetry recently published online and in journals at: Nailpolish Stories, 50-Word Stories, 100 word story, A Story in 100 Words, 101 Words, From the Depths (Haunted Waters Press), ShortbreadStories and espresso stories. Nonfiction appeared in flash fiction chronicles and in Wild Lands Advocate. Krystyna resides in Alberta, Canada.

Jane Blanchard

adolescent prank
spilling bodies down the hill
bid skateboard goodbye

Jane Blanchard lives and writes in Georgia. Her work has appeared previously in Boston Literary Magazine and recently in Light, Raintown Review, Snakeskin, and Think Journal.

David L. White

I can hear water
washing across wringing hands
     in another room.

David L. White

Ocean horizon—
sky and sea fold into one
     like secretive lips.

220 Ave D
David L. White

an old woman thinks:
“no one stops by anymore,
      not even for cake.”

David L. White's poetry has appeared or is upcoming in Salamander, PRISM international, Southwestern American Literature, Extract(s), and elsewhere. David is a creative writing instructor and lives in the desert Southwest with his family.

The Weight of Silence
John Hawkhead

lying between us
     scraps of a picked-at meal
          a heavy silence

Catching Moonlight
John Hawkhead

through a gap in clouds
     the shivering spider web
          captures a new moon

Shadows of Blossom
John Hawkhead

across the new grave
     shadow of the sexton’s spade
          spiraling blossom

John Hawkhead’s haiku, poetry, short stories and short plays have appeared in publications all over the world. He won first prize in the HaikuNow 2013 Traditional Haiku category. John’s book of poetry, illustration and haiku, Witness, is available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon and iTunes.

Sagamore Beach
Ron Scully

baytide withdrawn,bedraggled
     sepia salt marsh—
          morning forgotten

Ron Scully

snapping red bladder rockweed,
     knee deep timeless sea-green
          something underfoot

Point Ray
Ron Scully

before first light warms the sands
     before first footfall—
          soundless horsehoe crab

Ron Scullly is a retired local history publisher. He returns to the literary life after a lifetime in business and sales.

Catfish McDaris

smell the moon’s sweet breath
at the bottom of the world
bite into the sun

Catfish McDaris

heaven all the way
one way ticket to pleasure
can not take the heat

Catfish McDaris

whispers of laughing
children dancing in the wind
rain in the future

Catfish McDaris won the Thelonius Monk Award in 2015. He’s recently been translated into Mandarin, French, Polish, Swedish, Arabic, Bengali, Spanish, Yoruba, Tagalog, and Esperanto. His 25 years of published material is in the Special Archives Collection at Marquette Univ. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s listed in Wikipedia. His ancestors are from the Aniwaya Clan of the Cherokee Nation.

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