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Lucy Spinetti

I heard on the news last week that a UFO was seen hovering over a major airport in the Midwest. "Officials" said, holding back a scornful chuckle, it was just an unusual weather phenomenon. Which, upon clearing up, left a hole through an overcast sky, exposing the blue above. What is it about the possibility of life elsewhere that threatens us so much? Do we have to be the only intelligent life forms in this or any other universe? If there are other worlds out there, is ours less? I wonder how many airport employees were fired because of believing?

Lucy Spinetti remains an avid Red Sox fan, despite the last two seasons. Almost never seen without a coffee cup, she is hopelessly devoted to her three and a half beautiful nephews. Or maybe three nephews and one niece? She's an "enterpreneur," which means she gets to work in her jammies, owning her own new age t-shirt business. Oh, and she likes her two year old Wheaten terrier a little.

Why Women Change
Robin Stratton

Because unlike you, we care about other people and are understanding when you're late, and disappointed when you don't show up only because we love you and want to be with you. Are you hungry, you want something to eat?

After a few months it occurs to us that you call all the shots and we have become the kind of doormat woman we vowed we'd never be, and at last we decide to stand in our Truth and be honest: you are driving us crazy.

And after you go you realize you lost the best thing you ever had.

Robin Stratton lives in Boston and teaches creative writing classes using the techniques in her book, The Revision Process. Her work has appeared in Antithesis Common, Poor Mojo's Almanac, 63 Channels, and Chic Flicks Magazine.