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Lucy Spinetti

I stare at her in the harsh light. Glaring back, no remorse or compassion. Had I seen it before? Unsure, I reach for the nearest jar to stave off the attack. Opening, slowly, I dip trembling fingers into the balm. Gently yet with determination I rub out a fine line.

Lucy Spinetti remains an avid Red Sox fan, despite the last two seasons. Almost never seen without a coffee cup, she is hopelessly devoted to her three and a half beautiful nephews. Or maybe three nephews and one niece? She's an "enterpreneur," which means she gets to work in her jammies, having her own new age t-shirt business. Oh, and she likes her two year old Wheaten terrier a little.

Small Wars
Christopher Cocca

I stopped wearing my seatbelt when I was 24. I was angry and rushed one day and that was it forever and every time I make it home I've won another round. It was two years before I realized most men know this game and my father is the champ.

Christopher Cocca is a graduate of Yale Divinity School and a recipient of Ursinus College's Creager Prize for Creative Writing. He recently finished his first novel and is currently editing a collection of short fiction and creative nonfiction. His work has been published or is forthcoming in Geez Magazine, Brevity, The Lantern, the literary journal of Ursinus College and elimae. Say hi at www.christophercocca.wordpress.com .

This Moment
Robin Stratton

While I await biopsy results I decide that no matter what the news is, I am, from this moment on, going to enjoy every sunrise, every trip to the beach, every licking puppy. The doctor comes in and smiles. Negative. The sandwich I eat at the hospital cafeteria is fantastic.

Robin Stratton lives in Boston and teaches creative writing classes using the techniques in her book, The Revision Process. Her work has appeared in Antithesis Common, Poor Mojo's Almanac, 63 Channels, and Chic Flicks Magazine.