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Barbara Meikle

The sparkle of ice
on branches covered with snow
Winter's finest hour.

Branches frozen stiff
Can't even sway with the wind
Crack! Pulling down wires.

Barbara Meikle is a part-time editor, writer, and octanagerian. She lives north of Boston with her husband of 51 years and their pet boxer.

Snow Haiku
CC Milam

Icicles in the zendo
Reflect brightness of snow
Blacks birds gather for old bread.

CC Milam is a reclusive poet who practices Ceremonial High Shamanism in the tradition of the Tang poets. He was profoundly influenced by the writing and philosophy of Han Shan, and believes that poetry is an ancient magickal process.

Coming Home to Her
Robin Stratton

Always excited
to see you every night
like she dared not hope

that you would come home
oh God she missed you!
She is your beagle.

Robin Stratton lives in Boston and teaches creative writing classes using the techniques in her book, The Revision Process. Her work has appeared in Antithesis Common, Poor Mojo's Almanac, 63 Channels, and Chic Flicks Magazine.

Western Vernacular
Joseph Kleponis

Wind swept urban streets -
Sex, violence, corruption-
Not wise croaking frogs.

Unmusical words
American idiom,
I am not Basho

Joseph Kleponis is an English teacher at Wilmington High School. His first publication "Spring Vision" placed second in the 2005 Frost Foundation/Lawrence Eagle Tribune Spring Poetry Contest

Buffeted Leaf
Zofia Antanas

winter wind blows cold
freezing hand of silver night
touching bitter heart

wanton words of waste
crushing the seasonal hopes-
foolish editor!

Zofia Antanas lives north of Boston and has a radical heart but a bourgeoisie soul.