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Bill Glover

     I was at my desk when the mail cart brought the papers and a small package from my lovely wife, Gina. Inside the box was a countdown clock decorated with painted balloons and streamers and "Divorce Final" written large across the top. Gina knew just how to make things fun.

Bill Glover makes his living explaining simple concepts to complex people who tend to work for large companies. Bill has previously published stories in Alien Skin Magazine, RevolutionSF and Orion's Arm, and he is co-author of the non-fiction book RFID Essentials from O'Reilly Media. Visit his blog at: billglover.com/news

Dad's Lot
Christopher Cocca

The congregation was claps and smiles when the deacon chair recognized us from the pulpit as the new pastor's son and daughter-in-law, but that didn't change the fact that no one held the door for my pregnant wife while I parked the car. Next week Dad's gonna preach on Lot.

Christopher Cocca's work has been published or is forthcoming in elimae, Brevity, Geez Magazine, Six Sentences, and The Lantern, the literary journal of Ursinus College. He is also the author Small Wars. .Boston Literary Magazine. He blogs at ChristopherCocca.Wordpress.com.

Tara Lazar

He bit me. Not a playful bite between lovers, but teeth piercing the flesh of my arm. It was a stifling summer; I couldn't cover the welt and its kaleidoscope of muddy colors with sleeves. I had to expose myself. A temporary branding of his devotion, intoxicating in its intensity.

Tara Lazar holds a BA in English/Creative Writing from Rutgers College where she rarely handed in a finished story. Many years later, as a mother of two young daughters, she's the most sleep deprived in her life, yet trying to launch the writing career she abandoned in favor of irrational exuberance. She appears frequently at Six Sentences and recently completed a children's book manuscript.