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Kurt Hackbarth

Cyclist squeezed between
careening bus and high curb;
early death ensues.

Altar for the dead:
"No photo on this one here?"
"Go and bring me one."

Flung in common graves,
Ulisses* victims return:
Oaxacan furies.

* Ulisses Ruiz, governor of the State of Oaxaca, Mexico, implicated in the assassination, torture and disappearance of members of the social protest movement seeking his ouster, 2006-07.

Kurt Hackbarth's first book of poems and short prose, entitled Man With Luggage, was published in 2005 by Big Table Publishing, Newton, MA and is available via the publisher and at Amazon.com. He is currently on the lam from la muerte himself in southern Mexico.

Zoey Duncan

Surfing Sunday morn
Blue screen suddenly flashes
Pulled hair flies in breeze

Lag, reboot, nerves, bile
Fall sun warming monitor
I plan Dell's demise

Although she has the heart of a gypsy, Zoey Duncan is a full-time mom of three boys and one feisty shaggy dog. Her alter ego always imagined a full-time writing career, but this is her first published piece. She does remain hopeful.