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Nadine Gallo

birds at the feeder
sole survival is at stake
smallest one is fierce

Nadine Gallo
too fat to have sex
panda goes on a diet
no more bamboo shoots

*actual science article in the news—I don't know what they fed him instead.

Nadine Gallo's latest pub is an essay on spinning wool: "Spinning Your Own" in Wolf Moon Journal (print-fall issue '08) and next will be W.M.J. an article on Chuck Close, the artist (winter issue) She's in the fall issue of greensilkjournal.com and writerseyemagazine. She lives in Hadley, Mass. where she leads a writers' workshop.

Winter Haiku
Michael Hill

Pointed icicle
Sharp water from winter's breath
Omen of the freeze

Michael Hill is currently earning his BBA in Finance at The George Washington University's Business School where he is also a Psychology minor. He is in the midst of finishing a collection of his works titled Upward Plunge. Michael grew up outside of Boston in the suburb of Newton, MA.

Barbara Meikle

Cool, then cold, then frost.
Early winter tips her hand.
Wardrobe change ahead.

Take more time to dress.
Layered clothes for extra warmth
Mittens, hat and scarf.

Barbara Meikle is a part-time editor, writer, and octanagerian. She lives north of Boston with her husband of 54 years and their golden retriever.

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