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Thomas Locicero

First love has a sound
As heard in silent movies:
A prudish clangor.

Thomas Locicero
Love is often loud,
like the church bells of the wed
tolling for the pierced.

Thomas Locicero’s poetry has appeared in Brook Spring, Omnibus, and Riverrun. He lives in Broken Arrow, OK with his wife Lil and their sons, Samuel and Benjamin.

Haiku for Eve*
Al Levenson

There is no ending
When a soul tiptoes away.
Just a quiet place.

  *Written on the occasion of the death of her 60-year-old son.

Al’s haiku muse visits him from time to time in Northern California.  Usually they meet in Yosemite.  Between visits AL writes short stories and edits Write Angles, the newsletter of the Berkeley Branch of the 100-year-old California Writers

Allie Dresser

Five thousand per breast
She could only afford one
She’s half perfect now

A born and bred New Englander, Allie Dresser now lives and writes in the burbs.  She's the fiction editor at Gloom Cupboard and her scribblings can be found at Disenthralled, Blink-Ink, Deuce Coupe, and around the web.

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